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Spring 2013
Roots of Waterfront Revitalization Planning
 From the Greenpoint Video Project Archives:  •  Beyond Brownfields Conference NYC, 2000 - Visions of Sustainable Development. Visit:   GVP Selections on Vimeo

GVP/North River produces videos about waterfront revitalization around New York City's waterfront, and along the Hudson River. 

JOHN KREVEY, created the imaginative and off-beat multi-use PIER 66 MARITIME on the Hudson River.  It's a home for old ships, a boat club, a botanical garden, a popular performance space, bar/restaurant and site for visitor interactivity and spectacular river views.  This year GVP/North River looks forward to completing its upcoming documentary about Pier 66 and its positive effect on the NYC waterfront.  See our earlier productions, now on Vimeo: WATERFEST and  A JULY 4TH CANCELED.
These productions received support from NYCEF, The New York Environmental Fund.

Update:  As of Jan. 2011, GVP discontinued its monthly public access broadcast series on MNN.  You may now visit GVP Selections on Vimeo  where, eventually, all GVP/North River productions can be accessed, 24/7.  New GVP productions will be premiered on MNN as "monthly specials", to be announced here.

 Now on GVP Selections on Vimeo:  The Governors Island Flotilla 

Visit: GVP Selections on Vimeo

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Since 1997, GVP has been sharing information about people and programs that improve both the environmental and ecological health of our Hudson River, and enhance access and use of the NY/NJ Harbor region.

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